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this is daniel soakedry/hibikicore welcome to my deep priv and r18 art account lol found here: general nsfw and other random rants and topics that i don't want on my main account. i use this account for posting nsfw art mostly of ocs, and explicit rts. personally i recommend turning off my retweets.

please don't spread art, vents or rants anywhere!

i tweet about my mental illnesses and other ailments. sometimes tmi!

im medicated pretty well nowadays but i do have shitty episodes once in a while when i miss a day of meds. sorry

none of my tweets are ever tagged unless i feel that it needs it!


i can spam rt sporadically here! if i don't want you on my account any longer i will softblock. it's never personal.

since i will rt nsfw, if you dont want it on ur timeline theres no issue with turning off my retweets ! i have an art thread, feel free to mute it lol. i retweet explicit content a lot, but rarely of real people.

i also use this account to bitch and vent, more than i do on hibikicore. please dont interact with vent tweets as it saves us both from the awkward energy. if you want to talk please DM me instead.

i dont really tweet anything personally nsfw, if anything its just occasional drawings or talking about fucking nothing lmao

thanks 4 reading x